Important Adoption Information


Most dogs eight months of age or older will have been spayed or neutered prior to their adoption . Exceptions are those for whom a health condition prevents them from safely undergoing surgery. Typically puppies younger than eight months cannot be spayed or neutered prior to adoption but will be scheduled once they are in a good health for their surgary at our cost. 


All the dogs are vaccinated for rabies, parvo, distemper and Bordetella and up to date before adoption. 


The breeds assigned to most dogs are educated guesses. We encourage you to do as much research as you can about the breed (if known) prior to applying. However, it is not recommended that you restrict your search for a specific type of dog, nor to put too much into what breed is identified for a dog. If you have to have a specific breed, we are not able to guarantee it. Keep in mind that the identified breed could be something different and don’t fall in love with an assumption.


Not all homes need a fenced yard, however, if a yard is partially fenced, you will be required to secure the yard.

Good with Cats/Dogs

Read the bio carefully. If a profile says that the dog does not like cats/children/dogs, please do not apply for this dog if you have them. Applications that do not match the profile requirements will likely not be processed. We are not able to guarantee that dogs and cats will get along.